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Research Competencies

Interviews with Staff Members

For the Research Competencies course, the first-year students of 2019-2020 interviewed several staff members of the History department of Utrecht University. Below you can find the result of the interesting conversations they had. (Click on their name to read their blogpost)


Brecht Nijman & Maiah Letsch

A Modern Man of Letters: An Interview with Dr. Dirk van Miert


Hannah de Korte & Melissa Hamelink

A Small Glimpse in Academic Life: An Interview with Prof.dr. Ido de Haan


Akses Jerome Bekis & Daniël van Noord

Dr. Peter Malcontent: An Interview


Bart van Holsteijn & Claudia Hacke

History as a Woman’s World: An Interview with Dr. Sarah Carmichael


Fayrouz Gomaa & Rosanne Vreugdenhil

Let Curiosity Lead the Way: An Interview with Prof.dr. Liesbeth van de Grift


Jan Douwe Brinkman & Thomas van Gaalen

Running Around: Dr. Fenneke Sysling on Colonial History, Public Engagement and Navigating Different Universities


Koen Theunissen & Sophie Polm

The Researcher and the Princess: A Profile of Dr. Gertjan Plets