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How to get a PhD Position

Many of us aspire a position as a PhD student, but there are different routes that you can take to fulfil that dream. Below you can find some advice from people who took the path before you.


Matthea Westerduin: Between teaching and journalism
“Try whatever you want: do not hesitate in contacting people from fields you want to work in.”


René Koekkoek: Perseverance and the right support
Build on your strenghts.


Aline Masé: From public administration to a PhD
“Use your years of study to go in different directions.”


David van der Linden: A PhD and a monograph
Writing your thesis is an excellent opportunity to find out whether you like being a scholar.


Ruben Schalk: Unintentional PhD position
“In the end, my story became on of the ‘usual’ routes to a PhD.”


Adriejan van Veen: Working hard to prove yourself
Even flawless grades do not automatically translate into a job in the academic world.


Tom-Eric Krijger: Standing out with two masters
“Rejections are hard but not a sign that you should stop trying.”